Benefits of Green Roofs

Benefits of Sedum Green Roofs

Sedum plants come in many colours and varieties so it is possible to design Sedum mats/blankets, sedum walls or modules such as the S-Pod, some times called the sedum tray/green roof tray or modular system the S-Pod, tailored to your needs or that of the environment. Advertise your business in a sustainable way or just make a microclimate for birds and insects with sedum roofing providing a living roof.

Green Walls can soften large expanses of wall near restaurants or pubs.  For example an unattractive area could be made into a green roof or green wall, which could include other species such as herbs or wild flowers.

If a small area is required then we can supply species of Sedum in plug plant form, which you can plant direct into the substrate.

  • Green Roofs can provide important microclimates for insects, bird life and other even rare species.
  • Green Roofs can positively affect the heat produced by urban environments, (the Urban Heat Island).
  • Green Roofs significantly reduce the surface runn off of rainfall. (A mechanism for Sustainable urban Drainage Systems).
  • Green Roofs and walls can also improve the quality of water and it is possible to use this run off rain water for other uses, (internal water usage, for example flushing toilets).
  • They can also significantly reduce the need for air conditioning and can provide a degree of insulation in winter. This is also known as green roof insulation.
  • Green Roofs can also help provide sound insulation using the combined effect of soil, plants and trapped layers of air. The base the plants grow on tend to block the lower sounds, while the plants growing above block the higher frequencies.
  • Green Roof systems have been shown to substantially increase the life of waterproofing membranes lying at the base of the roof.
  • Green Roofs can improve air quality due to the filtering mechanism of the plants and substrate.
  • Roof gardens can provide green space in urban areas for recreational purposes or for urban food growing.

The benefits are enormous, not only financially, but Sedum green roofs can last longer than conventional roofs. These green roofs benefit the environment not only as a carbon sink, but encouraging the wildlife and biodiversity. We grow a wide variety of species of sedum so that the full benefit of a diverse habitat is possible. Each plant is slightly different so giving a wonderful diverse appearance of both colour and texture.

The varieties of species that Sedum Green Roof grow on our farm in Wiltshire are grown into metre wide mats, rolled and ready to lay on the roof, or in the form of plug plants which can be bought by the tray and planted direct into the substrate. See our price page for more information on prices. We have recently introduce the Modular Sedum System or the S-Pod or sedum green roof tray read more...which is a much easier method.

Sedum plug plants are very strong and adaptable, once planted out on the mats they bond to form a thick blanket of sedum that can be rolled like grass turf.

Butterfly on the Sedum Fields at Lower Leigh Farm Sedum Green Roof

There are many types of green roof or living roofs such as Extensive and Intensive. There are also biodiverse, brown and blue etc.  You will need to decide on the type of roof you require then, pending whether it is a retro fit or new build what is right for your roof.

The best thing is to chat to our team and they will guide and explain the best method for you.  We undertake all types of projects from the large industrial or commercial sites to the smallest bicycle shed!