We are suppliers of Green Roof Systems based in Wiltshire UK.

Home grown Green Roofs

Sedum Green Roof only supply the best possible quality sedum mats, blankets, plug plants, S.Pod Modules/Sedum Trays and Wild Flower and Biodiverse Mats. We pride ourselves with our aftercare service. We offer a quality mat, or sedum blanket system, or a sedum Green Tray/modular green roof system, the S.Pod system with a wide variety of sedum species. Sedum Green Roof can supply all that is needed to create a Green or Living roof. We now supply our Green Roof DIY pack for sheds, garages stable blocks and other outbuildings. See our Sedum DIY trays. Sedum Green Roof also offers installation and maintenance packages. For larger projects and trade enquiries please speak to our friendly team for advice and suggestions on all aspects of Green Living. We offer a full, free quote,  contact-us. We cover the entire UK so don’t hesitate to get in touch. No job is too small,The team on the farm are there to offer all the advice necessary.

Trade and commercial enquiries welcome please email theteam@sedumgreenroof.co.uk

Introducing our new S.Pod modular Green Sedum tray system. Easy installation and maintenance.

We offer sedum, installation, and maintenance for large areas, bespoke architectural designs as well as the smaller individual project.

We are suppliers of Green Roof Systems based in Wiltshire UK. Green Roof on Shed

The new DIY S.pod, modular trays for Green Roofs, includes the substrate and drainage layer already incorporated within the module. Plus a wide variety of native sedum plants to help attract wildlife to provide you with your eco green roof.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice on larger areas.  Sedum Green Roof will advise you on the most sensible and economical quantities to use at the best price. The S.Pod has been designed to be self install and is very easy to lay, (can be cut to shape), as well as being much lighter than a conventional mat or plug plant system, ideal for your green garden shed! See all our other pages for more detailed information. The Sedum Tray is full of sedum plants to offer you an instant  green roof. 

Recently awarded excellence/merit in Sedum plant horticulture.

Laying a Green Roof  

Use our Green Roof Mat/blanket or our new S.pod modular green roof system /Sedum tray for garden sheds, garages, hen houses, stables and many other outbuildings including main roofs and roof gardens. Full guidance for installation or arrange a package to cover installation, delivery and maintenance.
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We supply and fit green roofs for all types of buildings from a shed to the Olympic village.  We grow our own Sedum for Green roofs on our farm in Wiltshire and can offer almost 99% cover with competitive prices. Either a mat or our new sedum trays give you an instant green roof.

Sedum Green Roof FarmThe Sedum mats come in rolled metre wide strips ready to lay – called sedum mats We are happy to supply the substrate and drainage layer separately but also offer an entire design and fitting service for your environmental sustainable Sedum Green Roof project.

We can also adapt and turn your sedum or green roof into a biodiverse roof and our team can help build your roof from scratch if required. Wild Flower mats are also available.
We now have the S.Pod Modules/sedum trays  which come in trays with no need for substrate or drainage layer as they are incorporated into the modular green roof system.

In 2012 we supplied sedum green roofs and sedum roof systems for The Olympic Village, Westfield Shopping Centre London, Hilton Hotel and Kingston Hospital, Wiltshire County Council, to name but a few.

2013/14 we acquired projects including schools, large roof gardens and railway embankments and a wonderful collection of Beach huts in Shoeburyness.

Sedum Mats around tram tracks in ManchesterIn 2015 we had a very busy year and some major projects all over the country including an entire tram track system incorporating sedum trays.

 Another large commercial project was with Wessex water. There has been a huge interest in our modular tray S.Pod system which saves time and work and provides an instant green solution. We undertook large projects for Malvern County Council, Estates in Northumberland and Leamington Spa as well as London and Scotland.

In 2017 Sedum Green Roof has been part of a large project to lay Green Roofs over all available flat roofs in Carnaby Street in London. Other projects this year, 2018 include hospital roofs, embankments and bespoke architectural projects, besides a huge project to Green the Roofs of Marks and Spencers.

Please see our face book page for the latest updates on our projects. 

About Us

Sedum Green Roof mats grown in Wiltshire farmSedum Green Roof is a family run business based in Wiltshire.  We have our own sustainable farm where we grow many different varieties of sedum and can arrange delivery anywhere within the UK. Our head manager is a highly qualified horticulturist, and expert in green roof systems. Our team can guide you as to the correct species/conditions for your specific Sedum green roof, wild flower, biodiverse or Sedum green wall.  

Our farm functions on a sustainable low carbon status and our blankets of home grown sedum for Green Roofs are grown chemical free. We can offer guidance on all types of environmentally friendly green roof systems and believe in sustainability within construction.  Read more…..

Highest Quality Sedum Plants for Green Roof Systems

Flowering Sedum Green Roof mats grown in Wiltshire farm

We offer a high standard of Sedum Mats, plug plants Wild Flower mats  and S.Pod Modules/sedum trays with many species available to satisfy your green roof needs. We can grow sedum mats and modules to your design and colour requirements for your Green or Living Roof and pride ourselves on the mixture of species available. The sedum has good cover of almost 99% for your green roof or green or living wall.

Specialist UK sustainable growers for green roofs, sedum mats, green walls, living and biodiverse roofs offering a complete Sedum roofing and green wall systems guidence and installation.

“Green roofs are an element of eco construction that often gets overlooked – no pun intended. However they are doable and affordable for all. Whether it’s a garden shed or a modern state of the art office building. I was very taken with the enthusiasm of the team at Sedum Green Roofs and I will be looking more into this literally green element of green building.”

Ben Jackson, Sustainable Building Matters.

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