10th January 2015

Happy New year to everyone! Been quite mild but very windy down on the farm. Matty and his colleagues have been blown apart. Luckily we have been preparing for some very large orders we have, they have all been the S.Pods or Sedum trays or modules. We have been busy preparing hundreds for our orders. At least we can do most of the work in the polytunnels or in the barns. The fields have had a good tidy up this year and we have planted another section of Sedum Mats. We are now offering a special price for the last of our biodiverse mats as we want to plant some fresh ones in the Spring. You can see all our offers on the website.

Before Christmas we took on Caroline to work in the office. She has been a great success and has a great sense of humour which is so relaxing in times of stress!! We have doubled our turn over since she has been working with us so she must be doing something right!

This year we have some very big orders and we want to give the best possible service and product so we have been working all last year to perfect our system. We are perfecting the website as well and about to introduce some more products.

Elaine Director Sedum Green Roof.

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If you are looking for more technical information and regulation on a green roof system , The Green Roof Organisation published the most recent code in 2014. The link is below grocode2014.pdf (livingroofs.org) Any questions do give us a call on 07470 288957 and Olivia can help you.

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