Lower Leigh Farm

Lovely Warm Sunny Week

11th April 2015

Lovely warm sunny week and everything is coming into shape. Up on the fields the plug plants are looking amazing and all ready to sell. Matty says its a bumper year for them and suddenly when all the warm weather came they all turned green and lush. On the fields all the S.Pod Trays have also responded to the weather with a mass of green sedum suddenly all over the fields, looks fantastic, I will try and get some photos. So good to see everything doing so well.

Two bits of fun though. Matty says a Rabbit got caught on the side of the polly tunnels between some netting and the ventilation side of the poly tunnel. He said it took quite an effort to catch it but eventually it was set free. They can be a pain sometimes though as they decide to burrow in the most inconvenient places! We have a lot of hares on the fields as well, lovely to see them boxing on a summers evening!

Also on the fields we have had a bit of a flood. It appears that an old drainage pipe (and I mean very very old), was damaged but there must have been a back up of water because it suddenly just spurted water like a fountain and we now have a lovely lake outside the poly tunnels. Matty said its quite hard to mend due to the old clay pipes and we may have to did up the whole length of the field to repair it….complete drag but I do have a new pond!!

Down on the rest of the farm I was happily dealing with the pond when I fished out a dead rabbit, how it got in there I have no idea. Been gardening madly and all looking quite good, even made a vegetable patch! Lovely to be out in the sun again, I hope it lasts although could do with a little bit of rain as up on the fields it is getting quite dry. Matty and Piot have started to organise the new irrigation system for the Sedum on the fields, almost there but will have to water a bit soon if this dry spell continues. Must go up and take some pictures for you all to see. Plug plants all ready and very healthy if anyone wants them!!

Trying to organise some more help as it is getting busy. We have a few new people helping out but could do with more! Gary has been a great help this week. We have been taking up the old mats which have been over grown with weeds so we have abandoned them but it has been quite a mission trying to get them up! Lets hope the weather stays reasonable so we can get the rest of them up and the land is ready to plough.

Elaine Carp director Sedum Green Roof

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