14th June 2015: Sedum Between Tram Tracks in Manchester

14th June 2015: Sedum Between Tram Tracks in Manchester

Just installed the most amazing sedum in-between the tracks of the new tram system in Manchester. Looks fantastic. Easy installation with our S.Pods or modular tray system and easy to maintain. Well done Jim!! Well done Matty and the team as well for working so hard to grow and get everything ready in time, I know it was a lot of work.

It has been very busy and also lots of people on holiday (including us!), while we were away I gather there was a bit of a heat wave! Thanks to Matty, Piot and the team Matty’s new watering system worked a treat and all the Sedum looks great. Lots of work loading for Manchester but now all done. Now onto the next one!

In the meantime still masses of orders coming in. Caroline away for a week for a good rest! Now its time to reorganise the fields ready for the next lot of Sedum to be grown. All go here!

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