Busy in the Fields

16 January 2017: An Update

Been a busy few weeks. Everyone now back in the stride of getting all the sedum planted up and tidying up the fields ready for the spring. Matty and Co now have a lovely little hut with woodburning stove to keep them happy when its cold and windy, and wet as now!! Chickens still shut away due to the Defra constraints and the bird flu outbreak. I hope it doesn’t get too bad, I would hate to see all the culling as there has been in France and the rest of Europe.

We are trying to update the website and make it more user friendly, especially for mobile users. There have been a few problems due the the fact we have to change the language but hopefully all will be resolved soon. Please bear with us if you have any problems, we are trying to rectify everything now.

Hope you have all got over your new year celebrations and lets hope 2107 is going to be a great year! It will be interesting if nothing else!

Elaine Carp director Sedum Green Roof

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