19th February 2015

An awful lot been happening over the past month. We seem to be busier than ever and certainly busier than is usual for the winter months! We are installing all over the country from the very north of Scotland to Cornwall and Essex. Richard and Jim have been doing their Health and Safety courses over the past few weeks as well so we have been men down. All is good though and Caroline in the office has been a star.

The S.Pods or Sedum trays have been doing very well and we are in the process of planting up as many as possible for our next crop. I hope the worst of the cold and rain will stop and Spring will be with us soon, certainly around the farm the buds are appearing on the trees and plants and the birds are beginning to appear from far a field.

The fields have been very muddy so we have not been able to get on them but hopefully we can plough up some of the Sedum field and replant as it definitely needs some attention. One disadvantage of living on clay!

We have also been approached to write some articles about Sedum Green Roof. I have spent all day trying to give as much information as possible over. I have just written an article about how we started which hopefully will go down well. I must get round to take some good photos of the farm but the weather is horrid today.

We are still looking for installers for laying our Green Roofs so anyone interested, and don’t forget its any where in the Uk, please let us know by ringing Caroline.

We have just taken on some extra help with the Sedum as we are expanding this year so Pete is coming to join us in the Spring. I must put some pictures up of us all so that you know who we all are.

One of the other things that I must get round to is working on the Facebook page for Sedum Green Roof. I keep asking everyone to take pictures of our latest work but they always forget. I reckon I will have to go out to each site and take pictures! I am trying to get Jim to lay a Green Roof on our flat roof on the farm and video him so that we can put it on the website. We have so many questions about “how do you lay a green roof”, that I reckon it would be a very good idea.

Better get back to work so write again soon
Elaine Carp director Sedum Green Roof

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