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5th July 2017: New Website Being Built

Been waiting to update the site to make it mobile friendly so haven’t been on here for ages as I thought it was about to happen! These things always take longer than you think.

Well its been a very busy month. The lovely weather is great but we have had loads of phone calls about the state of some peoples Sedum. If it goes red don’t panic but it is probably a little stressed. It has been very hot! I suggest if you can give it some water, just spray with a hose pipe. Some help like miracle grow is a good idea as well. You can buy an adapter to put on your hose pipe which will incorporate the fertiliser as you spray, it works very well. Don’t worry too much most of the time there is no problem, they are pretty hardy plants. Make sure if you can that any weeds are taken out.

Sedum is growing well and the field is looking very tidy and lush.

Lots of birds this year on the farm, we seem to have had the best year for the owls and the Kestrels but the Jackdaws are taking over which is a pain.

Excited about the new site which hopefully won’t be long now and all mobile friendly!

Elaine Carp director Sedum Green Roof

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