Sedum Grene Roof Rainbow

26th Feb 2015

Amazing rainbow over the Sedum Fields at Lower Leigh Farm. I found this while searching for high res pictures for an article that is being written about us. Such a pain that whenever the installers are working and I need a picture they never have the right camera and end up taking it on their phone which I can’t use. I can see that I will have to contact old clients and beg for pictures!

Two lorries got stuck in the fields today while loading the S.Pods or Sedum Trays for a very big job in the midlands. We had to pull them out with tractors in the end. Been so frantic with orders but the weather has been awful. This morning was raining and blowing a gale. Matty and Piot on the fields however always have a smile on their faces! I couldn’t wait to get back into the farmhouse with a nice cup of coffee!

All is well otherwise, just can’t wait for Spring. We are frantically planting up more S.Pods, or modular trays of Sedum, for a huge Green Roof in Scotland. They are so easy to put on a roof that most people now prefer them to the mats which need so much more preparation. Our mats that we put out last year are doing fine, but I do hope the rain will stop as it gets so wet on the fields and the one thing Sedum does’t like is getting its feet wet!

Matty and Piot have worked so hard today in the pouring rain. Matty says all the Sedum is growing well in the polytunnels and to keep an eye open if the weather gets warmer I must check they do not dry out over the weekend. Highly unlikely it is going to be warm and sunny but we can keep wishing! He has complained I do not tell you all they are doing on the fields. I am going to go up with my camera next week and take some photos so you can see then in action. Sorry Matty if I don’t mention (and thank you both!), enough!

Well more tomorrow.

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