26th October 2015: Wessex Water Job & Other News

26th October 2015: Wessex Water Job & Other News

Rather a long time since I have updated the blog page! We are about to launch a new blog site which should be much better in the next few weeks.

I have been working on the site and updating various pages which I hope will give more information and allow people to download the necessary data they may need.

The summer has just flown by and I cannot believe it is already Autumn. The reason for lack of blog is because we have been so busy outside. We have been building a new area for Matty and his staff to use as an office and storage which is being done as we speak. I hope it will be a little more comfortable for them. We have also been buying new equipment for the field and trying to tidy up and replant during the summer. We have new mats laid now ready for the Spring and plenty of S.Pods, modular Trays, ready for sale. The mud in the winter is always a problem but we are hoping to resolve this in the coming months as well. Altogether a huge tidy up and replanting, it has been very busy. As always we owe so much to the hard work put in by Matty. Piot and their colleagues on the field, invaluable help.

A huge job was the Wessex Water Job which has just been finished. I have some fabulous pictures which must be updated for you all to see. Jim worked very hard helping install the project so a huge thank you to him.

Now its calming down from a frantic summer and yet still the orders are coming in. I hope to finish the video of some installations and put that on the website for you all to see. I may try and do a video of Matty at work if he will let me!

We have lots of biodiverse mats which seem to be ever more popular and we are looking to experiment with different species to allow as much biodiversity as possible.

Helen and Caroline are as busy as ever in the office so if you need any information, however trivial, just ring them and they will help.

So hopefully a new blog page which much more fun things to see in a few weeks time.

Elaine Carp director Sedum Green Roof

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