Manchester Tram Job and other news

The wind? What is happening to our summer? Blown apart on the fields. We have been working hard on completing the Manchester Tram job, difficult as most of the work has to be done at night. Jim has been up there and taken loads of photos. While in France at the Shlumpf museum of cars recently we noticed tram lines there have been filled with grass. This is so much up keep as it has to be mown regularly whereas the sedum does not and requires far less maintenance. Also the grass cannot be lifted without destroying it whereas with the S.Pods or Sedum Trays this is not the problem as they can be lifted individually at any time. Amazing it is really becoming so popular.

Here is the link to the Manchester Evening paper article: Click here

Really interesting article. Sedum Green Roof supplied all the sedum trays for this project and laid it. The job is still on going.

“Beetham Tower architect Ian Simpson has tram stop turned into ‘green oasis’ to improve city centre view”

Meanwhile things are a little less rushed for the moment. We have employed two new people onto the team this week, David and Helen. Hopefully they will help a bit as Caroline is rather swamped. I am suppose to do Twitter etc but to be honest I can’t stand it! Why should I spend all my time twittering when I could be out on the fields!?…Technology!

We have also been asked to remove an ad from one of our campaigns on Google Ads. We realise something had gone wrong and did all we could but there seems to be a problem with Google ads and key words searches. Yet another silly problem to resolve. I hate it all!! I just love our product and want to be working with it and making wonderful Green Roofs everywhere.

Actually the fields are amazing at the moment as the bees are in mass all over the sedum as well as the butterflies. It is an incredible site. I shall go down this afternoon and take some pictures.

Off not to do yet more boring paperwork. Hopefully Helen will help in the office, she seems really great, thank you Helen for coming on board!!

Elaine Carp director Sedum Green Roof

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