Sedum Grene Roof

8th April 2015

Had a lovely message from one of our clients a few days ago.

“Dear Caroline – just to say we are delighted with our sedum roof – it went up so quickly and looks amazing – many thanks to all!”

From Graham in Castle Cary

Just been laid so ready to grow and look amazing in the summer.

Now that the weather has warmed a little everything is beginning to bud.  All the new S.Pods and trays that we have put out are beginning to look very healthy.  We have also been laying mats ready for the summer.  At least there is no more mud around and we can begin to enjoy the Spring weather.

We have been very busy these past few weeks, had lots of people helping out moving mats and relaying new ones.  Lovely to see so many new faces on the fields.  I have asked Matty to give me a break down of all that is happening as he is far more knowledgable than me! I shall go and take some pictures and put them on here to show how we are getting on.

Caroline has been as busy as ever in the office.  Sometimes its frustrating when we sell quickly and are fighting to keep up! Caroline is brilliant on the phone and keeps everyone so happy including Richard in the office by feeding him lovely cakes and biscuits!

Juliet has offered to help with the Facebook pages which is so kind as we never seem to have time to keep up with the media side of things!  She is doing a great job so please do send us any pictures so we can post them on the site.

We have also been approached by Wiltshire live and Period magazine which are writing some articles about us.  I shall post them when we see them.

On the farm it has been so lovely in the garden.  At last the blossom is beginning to arrive and the orchard is full of daffodils, it looks amazing.

Lots more pictures to come I am going to go out there and take them this week!

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