8th April 2015

Had a lovely message from one of our clients a few days ago.

“Dear Caroline – just to say we are delighted with our sedum roof – it went up so quickly and looks amazing – many thanks to all!”

From Graham in Castle Cary

Just been laid so ready to grow and look amazing in the summer.

Now that the weather has warmed a little everything is beginning to bud.  All the new S.Pods and trays that we have put out are beginning to look very healthy.  We have also been laying mats ready for the summer.  At least there is no more mud around and we can begin to enjoy the Spring weather.

We have been very busy these past few weeks, had lots of people helping out moving mats and relaying new ones.  Lovely to see so many new faces on the fields.  I have asked Matty to give me a break down of all that is happening as he is far more knowledgable than me! I shall go and take some pictures and put them on here to show how we are getting on.

Caroline has been as busy as ever in the office.  Sometimes its frustrating when we sell quickly and are fighting to keep up! Caroline is brilliant on the phone and keeps everyone so happy including Richard in the office by feeding him lovely cakes and biscuits!

Juliet has offered to help with the Facebook pages which is so kind as we never seem to have time to keep up with the media side of things!  She is doing a great job so please do send us any pictures so we can post them on the site.

We have also been approached by Wiltshire live and Period magazine which are writing some articles about us.  I shall post them when we see them.

On the farm it has been so lovely in the garden.  At last the blossom is beginning to arrive and the orchard is full of daffodils, it looks amazing.

Lots more pictures to come I am going to go out there and take them this week!

4th March 2015

Lovely warm Spring day today. All good for the Sedum to grow. Big order today so busy on the fields. Spring is nearly here, be lovely when the swallows and house martins are back, that is a real sign. My daffodil bulbs are all up in the Orchard so that is a good sign!

Caroline has been away a couple of days in the office so chaos there, Richard and Jim are taking all the calls but they are no way as good as Caroline, hurry up and come back we need you!

Now is the time to start thinking about your new Green Roof. Call us at any time to discuss the type of green roof system you would like. Whether Sedum or wild flowers, S.Pods/modular trays or mats we can help.

2nd March 2015

Its amazing how quickly the Sedum jumps into life as soon as the weather warms a little. I saw Matty, our horticulturist today and he said over the weekend everything has suddenly come into life. It has been that much milder. However today we had snow first thing but the sun came out very quickly and enough to keep the plants warm as the tiny sprinkling of snow melted. We are now trying to get the old mats up which did not survive the wet summer we had a couple of years ago. The sedum became waterlogged in a few places on the farm and now we need to lift them and replant. Easier said than done. I shall leave it to Matty and Piot as to how to lift them but the fields are so muddy I don’t know how they will do it.

26th Feb 2015

Amazing rainbow over the Sedum Fields at Lower Leigh Farm. I found this while searching for high res pictures for an article that is being written about us. Such a pain that whenever the installers are working and I need a picture they never have the right camera and end up taking it on their phone which I can’t use. I can see that I will have to contact old clients and beg for pictures!

Two lorries got stuck in the fields today while loading the S.Pods or Sedum Trays for a very big job in the midlands. We had to pull them out with tractors in the end. Been so frantic with orders but the weather has been awful. This morning was raining and blowing a gale. Matty and Piot on the fields however always have a smile on their faces! I couldn’t wait to get back into the farmhouse with a nice cup of coffee!

All is well otherwise, just can’t wait for Spring. We are frantically planting up more S.Pods, or modular trays of Sedum, for a huge Green Roof in Scotland. They are so easy to put on a roof that most people now prefer them to the mats which need so much more preparation. Our mats that we put out last year are doing fine, but I do hope the rain will stop as it gets so wet on the fields and the one thing Sedum does’t like is getting its feet wet!

Matty and Piot have worked so hard today in the pouring rain. Matty says all the Sedum is growing well in the polytunnels and to keep an eye open if the weather gets warmer I must check they do not dry out over the weekend. Highly unlikely it is going to be warm and sunny but we can keep wishing! He has complained I do not tell you all they are doing on the fields. I am going to go up with my camera next week and take some photos so you can see then in action. Sorry Matty if I don’t mention (and thank you both!), enough!

Well more tomorrow.

19th February 2015

An awful lot been happening over the past month. We seem to be busier than ever and certainly busier than is usual for the winter months! We are installing all over the country from the very north of Scotland to Cornwall and Essex. Richard and Jim have been doing their Health and Safety courses over the past few weeks as well so we have been men down. All is good though and Caroline in the office has been a star.

The S.Pods or Sedum trays have been doing very well and we are in the process of planting up as many as possible for our next crop. I hope the worst of the cold and rain will stop and Spring will be with us soon, certainly around the farm the buds are appearing on the trees and plants and the birds are beginning to appear from far a field.

The fields have been very muddy so we have not been able to get on them but hopefully we can plough up some of the Sedum field and replant as it definitely needs some attention. One disadvantage of living on clay!

We have also been approached to write some articles about Sedum Green Roof. I have spent all day trying to give as much information as possible over. I have just written an article about how we started which hopefully will go down well. I must get round to take some good photos of the farm but the weather is horrid today.

We are still looking for installers for laying our Green Roofs so anyone interested, and don’t forget its any where in the Uk, please let us know by ringing Caroline.

We have just taken on some extra help with the Sedum as we are expanding this year so Pete is coming to join us in the Spring. I must put some pictures up of us all so that you know who we all are.

One of the other things that I must get round to is working on the Facebook page for Sedum Green Roof. I keep asking everyone to take pictures of our latest work but they always forget. I reckon I will have to go out to each site and take pictures! I am trying to get Jim to lay a Green Roof on our flat roof on the farm and video him so that we can put it on the website. We have so many questions about “how do you lay a green roof”, that I reckon it would be a very good idea.

Better get back to work so write again soon
Elaine Carp director Sedum Green Roof

10th January 2015

Happy New year to everyone! Been quite mild but very windy down on the farm. Matty and his colleagues have been blown apart. Luckily we have been preparing for some very large orders we have, they have all been the S.Pods or Sedum trays or modules. We have been busy preparing hundreds for our orders. At least we can do most of the work in the polytunnels or in the barns. The fields have had a good tidy up this year and we have planted another section of Sedum Mats. We are now offering a special price for the last of our biodiverse mats as we want to plant some fresh ones in the Spring. You can see all our offers on the website.

Before Christmas we took on Caroline to work in the office. She has been a great success and has a great sense of humour which is so relaxing in times of stress!! We have doubled our turn over since she has been working with us so she must be doing something right!

This year we have some very big orders and we want to give the best possible service and product so we have been working all last year to perfect our system. We are perfecting the website as well and about to introduce some more products.

Elaine Director Sedum Green Roof.

Tuesday 8th January

In the meantime we seem to be still under water in most of the fields. Luckily the Sedum is fine and now we hopefully look forward to spring and renewed growth. We have been experimenting with lots of new colourful species and have lots of our new Spods ready to go. Do have a look at these as they are so labour efficient and easy to use.

I will be working on the website and adding lots of interesting articles from people I have been chatting to. The wildlife aspect is really interesting and I am thrilled that Sedum can offer so much to the environment. Hopefully we will be able to offer a buy on line service which we are in the process of designing as I type!

Well better get back to work but wish you all a very Happy 2013.

Elaine Director Sedum Green Roof.

Friday 21st December 2012

Happy Christmas and New year from all of us at Sedum Green Roof.

Well, seems as though life is going on and the world has not ended! We even had a little tipple to celebrate today at 11.11. We then wondered if it meant tonight!

Been very ill so no blog for a while.  Had pneumonia so not been up to much.  Recovered now though and all prepared for Christmas.  As I write the fields are lit up by our flashing Christmas lights!

All is well here on the farm.  Besides myself, everyone else has been fine and all is going well. Well if you can imagine the mud and the rain and the wind!  It has been horrendous.  Luckily our fields have not flooded although the Sedum is not as happy as it could be.  All is still in place and sitting out the winter.  Hopefully next year will not be quite so bad and we can have some growth in the spring!  The fields are looking good though and we have had no other problems. New polytunnel has gone up ready to get the new batch of SPods ready for January.  Matty and co have been very busy planting up.

Elsewhere on the farm all has been fine and although muddy we have not been flooded and the animals on the farm have been fine.  We have had a very interesting research project from some students on the land.  Evididently our land is very good for birds so we have had numerous students counting various species of birds.  Rather proud that we have such good conditions!

House is now finished but not the outside!  Carpets down and ready for the onslaught of the family who are descending on Christmas Eve.  I am actually quite excited this year for some reason.  I think we are all glad to see the back of 2012.  Lets hope that 2013 is a little more enjoyable.

Well no time now as have presents to wrap.  I hope you all have a wonderful time over the festive period and don’t forget to contact us in the New Year.  We will always be happy to help in anyway so do not hesitate to contact us.

Merry Christmas


Director Sedum Green Roof 

Wednesday 17th October 2012

Been such a wet summer that I feel as though there has been no summer at all. Tomatoes didn’t ripen so I have Green Chutney coming out of my ears. Hardly any apples as to wet for the bees to pollinate in the spring, and then our poor Sedum very wet, not good for sedum. We laid out even more mats than usual this year but the growth has been really stunted by the weather. It has picked up enormously recently and we should be able to meet all the orders without a problem. We have had some massive orders in so should clear the decks for the next batch to be laid in the Autumn. I can’t believe the difference between this year and last year. I hope 2013 will be better and just a little less rain!

Our new modular system is doing extremely well, and I feel this is the way to go. The three horticulturists on the fields are very happy with the idea. We have had a great deal of interest in the modules as it saves so much time and expense so looking good for next year. They are easier to manage than the mats so waterlogging is not a problem. There is still an enormous demand for mats so we will not stop growing them, larger areas are far better laid with the sedum mats. What has happened this year is that the mats we have grown are far better quality. The rain stunted the growth of some of the more prevalent species and thus we have a rather beautiful mixture of different species which does look rather stunning. As far as quality is concerned I don’t think you can beat our mats.

We are still tying to make our video but everytime we go to do the roof it rains! Hopefully before winter sets in we will get it out and it will show people how to lay their own Sedum Green Roof. Other things we have been doing is concentrating on our biodiverse and wild flower roofs. We have a stunning mat of wild flowers at the moment, a superb success. I really like the idea of the biodiverse roof as well. Problem is it may cost more as good installation and positioning of the various elements is vital for a biodiverse area to work well. I am personally very interested in this method and hope to write a page for the website. We have already installed a few and they have been an enormous success so must go back and take pictures as they mature.

We have also noticed recently how the council have taken note of the Green or living roof idea. On listed buildings it seems the only way to go. Several clients have only achieved their planning applications on condition that a green roof of some description is installed.

On the farm all is well. Peacocks all had colds and I had to get antibiotics down them twice a day…thats fine but try catching them! They are damn strong as well. They are all much better now and Charlie, the baby is outside all the time. House is still not finished but looking a bit more like a home!

Time to sign out as I have major problems with the Price page on the website…can I get the boxes to line up!! Every time I do another goes out of line. I am going to have to start again with the HTML and have another go but I am not trained in this area so its all a bit of a nightmare…wish me luck!

Elaine Director Sedum Green Roof