Biodiverse Mats

Butterfly on the Sedum Biodiverse Mats Fields at Lower Leigh Farm This type of Mat is ideal for verges or or embankments. These mats are made up of Sedum varieties which will bloom in spring, grasses and some wild flowers. If you would like more information please ring Us on 01747 830176. All the biodiverse mats are grown together with our sedum mats and S.Pods (sedum trays), on our farm in Wiltshire, Lower Leigh Farm.

What is a Biodiverse Mat?

Wild Flowers on a biodiverse mat ready for a Green RoofBiodiverse mats are attractive to Pollinators such as bees and can be very colourful and drought tolerant. They are usually made up of a range of wild Flowers, sedums and grasses. These mats are easy to install and are sold by the metre. If logs or boulders are added to the site then this will attract many invertebrates.  The sedum incorporated in the mats will flower and attract many different types of insects so is an ideal wildlife haven.

We also have a range of pure wildflower and Sedum mats, trays or Modular S.Pods. There is also a mixture of herbs and ornamental grasses.  See our page on Wildflower Mats/blankets and speak to one of the team who will help with any information you may need to provide the perfect Instant Green Solution.

Here the biodiverse mat has a wealth of wild flowers.
Here the biodiverse mat has a wealth of wild flowers.
Biodiverse Mats bring colour to your green roof
Biodiverse mat in Winter

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