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Buying a Sedum mat or Module, sedum tray, (S.Pod) for a Shed, Garage or Outbuilding.Buying a Sedum mat or Module, sedum tray, (S.Pod) for a Shed, Garage or Outbuilding.

Before buying a mat you must first check that your roof is strong enough to take the weight of a Sedum roof and its components. This is usually not a problem but if you are worried phone us, Sedum Green Roof on 01747 830 176 or contact us. and we will advise you.  If you have to leave a message it is only because we have had to go out onto the fields but we will get straight back to you. We can supply all the necessary green roof components such as the drainage layer and even lay it for you if necessary.

Roofs laid with Sustainable Green Roofs

There are seven core species we use for the basic Sedum mats or modular systems (S.Pod sedum trays), this will give wonderful colour all the year round and little maintenance.  If you require a certain colour scheme or variety of species then please contact us.  

The seven core species used for the mats are, Sedum album, Sedum spurium, Sedum reflexum, Sedum acre, Sedum anglicum, Sedum kamtschaticum, Sedum hispanicum.  For more information on these Sedum varieties and species of sedum click here..

See the stunning colours of our Sedum

These small but tolerant plants are well suited to the UK climate and many are indigenous species.  They provide numerous benefits such as habitats for insects, bird life and other rare species, help with the absorption of excess rain water, help noise reduction, improve your carbon footprint & create a sustainable system, to name but a few examples.  A Sedum roof can sometimes last longer than a conventional roof.

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New modular or sedum green trays for Sedum Roofs the S.Pod.

What is a modular S.Pod or sedum tray?

A modular Sedum System, or S.Pod for short, is a new method of laying Sedum on your roof our outbuildings.  The sedum is grown in small pockets moulded into a sedum tray. There is no need to lay a drainage layer or substrate as this is all included in the module.  Simply waterproof your surface and lay the pods on.  Full instructions can be given or Sedum Green Roof can lay the roof for you. Sedum Green Roof can supply full Installation Services and maintenance packages if required.

Specifications for the Modular S.Pod Sedum Green Tray System

Dimensions 460mm x 490mm
Depth 75mm
Weight ca. 800 g per full tray
Filling volume Approx. 60litrs/m2
Material Polypropylen

Below are some pictures of Sedum roofs we have supplied:

Sedum Green Roof Bird House!
Even a bird house can have a Sedum Roof!

Once laid, which, once the drainage layer is in place and the substrate layer laid, it is simply a matter of rolling the mats out like turf, there is very little maintenance.  In the first year if it exceptionally dry a little watering may be necessary but once established these plants are very succulent so should always look lush and green.  There is no need to cut them but sometimes a little trim is necessary, simply throw the cuttings back onto the roof and they will root.  The Sedum grows horizontally rather than vertically thus entwine within each other, giving a good strong mat and lush appearance.

Measure your roof size and calculate how many square metres of the Sedum mats you need. Contact us and we will verify what you need and deliver the Sedum to your door. Let us know if there is any problems with access.  We can also help you calculate the right quantity.  Roll the mats onto your substrate on your roof and cut any mats necessary to size with a small knife.  Just bed the mat down and leave!  Do not leave the mats rolled up for any length of time before putting them on the roof as this will damage the plants.  Always best to have your timing right and let us know exactly when the roof is ready for the plants.

The alternative method is to buy trays of plug plants  planting these directly into the substrate.  The only problem with this is that there will be more maintenance until the plants have fully grown and made a dense mat.  It is more economical to buy the mats ready grown or use the Modular S.Pod system. If at a later date any patches form then plug plants can be used to patch.

The  S.Pod or Sedum Green Tray is the simplest and easiest method as it is so simple to install. We often have sedum roof offers so keep an eye out for these as they change all the time.

Roof Pack for garden sheds or outbuildings etc.  Full guidance will be given for installation.  Just ring for advice.  See Price page for further information

Delivery to UK mainland only

Delivery can take up to 7-10 days   

For other roof sizes please contact us for a quotation.

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