Buying Sedum

Sedum Mat, Module or Tray (S-Pod)

Before buying a mat you must first check that your roof is strong enough to take the weight of a Sedum roof and its components. This is usually not a problem but if you are worried phone us, Sedum Green Roof on 07463273612 or contact us. and we will advise you.  If you have to leave a message it is only because we have had to go out onto the fields but we will get straight back to you. We can supply all the necessary green roof components such as the drainage layer and even lay it for you if necessary.

The Core Species

There are seven core species we use for the basic Sedum mats or modular systems (S-Pod sedum trays), this will give wonderful colour all the year round and little maintenance.  If you require a certain colour scheme or variety of species then please contact us.

The seven core species used for the mats are, Sedum album, Sedum spurium, Sedum reflexum, Sedum acre, Sedum anglicum, Sedum kamtschaticum, Sedum hispanicum.  For more information on these Sedum varieties and species of sedum click here..

Buying Sedum

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What is a Green Roof?
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Sedum Green Roof
What is a Green Roof?
Sedum Green Roof

New modular or sedum green trays for Sedum Roofs the S-Pod - What is it?

What is a Green Roof?

A modular Sedum System, or S-Pod tray is a preferred and superior method of laying Sedum on your roof . The sedum is fully grown in recycled plastic tray. There is no need to lay a drainage layer or substrate as this is all included in the module. Simply waterproof your surface and lay the pods on.

Specifications for the Modular S.Pod Sedum Green Tray System

Dimensions 460mm x 490mm
Depth 75mm
Weight ca. 800 g per full tray
Filling volume Approx. 60litrs/m2
Material Recycled Polypropylene

Pictures of Some Sedum Roofs we Have Supplied:

Sedum for Your Roof

Once laid,  it is essential that for the first few years it is maintained and looked after paying special attention to watering in dry periods. To maintain a small average roof it would only be a few hours in the spring and autumn to keep the sedum looking best, with our any care the sedum will not many years especially without watering and fertiliser. We have many green roofs over 10 years old that are still looking wonderful, but they have been well looked after.

Even a bird house can
have a Sedum Roof!

Measure your roof size and calculate how many square metres of the Sedum Trays you need. Theyt can be cut to size but most people will infill any voids with pebbles to create a border. Contact us and we will verify what you need and deliver the Sedum to your door. Let us know if there is any problems with access.  We can also help you calculate the right quantity.

The  S-Pod or Sedum Green Tray is the simplest and easiest method as it is so simple to install. It require no experience or tools to install it just lift to the roof (each tray is approx 12kgs) and then place down and click on to its neighbouring tray.

Just Call For Advice
Full guidance can be given for installation for garden sheds or outbuildings etc. Roof packs can be bought, just ring or contact us for advice.  See Price page for further information.
Delivery Information
Delivery to UK mainland only. Delivery can take up to 7-10 days. For other roof sizes please contact us for a quotation.