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Sedum S-pod Varieties 2018

We get asked a lot to about the 6-9 varieties of Sedum we have in the S-pods, so I have created a handy list for this year, they can vary slightly as there are many sub varieties but difficult to differentiate to non horticulturalists..

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Just back from the sun avoiding snowy Britain

16th March       Have just returned from Thailand having had the most wonderful holiday. While everyone at home was shovelling snow we were basking in 34 degrees of sun! Luckily no damage at the farm although cut off completely for a few days.  Hopefully this weekends amber warning...

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Sedum drowning in mud

Mud and more mud life in the country! The endless battle with the mud.  Today however we have sunny weather, still the fields are really too wet to do much.  The polytunnels have the modular S Pods in and they are looking great.  Matty has laid some with...

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Storm Georgina and The Damage at Lower Leigh

January 28th Storm Georgina did some major damage on the fields of Lower Leigh over the past few days.  The fields are completely sodden and the tractor is doing so much damage that we are trying to keep any vehicles off the fields.  The wind managed to whip the...

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Buying Sedum

Case Studies

We will be adding a great deal more pictures and articles surrounding our new work for 2018. At the moment we are completing work on all the flat roofs in Carnaby St London.  Due to security I cannot publish all photos but will try and get some to show...

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Lower Leigh Farm

New Year, New Website

20th January 2018 New website now up and running which is great excitement.  Thanks to the wonderful Shalini who has been helping us get it up and running.  Now, hopefully you will get more blogs and updates. I can just see the beginnings of my bulbs coming up which...

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