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Manchester Tram Job and other news

The wind? What is happening to our summer? Blown apart on the fields. We have been working hard on completing the Manchester Tram job, difficult as most of the work has to be done at night. Jim has been up there and taken loads of photos. While in France...

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14th June 2015: Sedum Between Tram Tracks in Manchester

Just installed the most amazing sedum in-between the tracks of the new tram system in Manchester. Looks fantastic. Easy installation with our S.Pods or modular tray system and easy to maintain. Well done Jim!! Well done Matty and the team as well for working so hard to grow and...

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Suppliers of Green Roof Systems based in Wiltshire UK

27th May 2015: Busy in the Fields

Been away for a week or so but back to work now. Work on the fields has been constant preparing S.Pods or modular Sedum Trays for some very big jobs coming up. Matty has organised the watering system which saves us so much time. During this dry spell it...

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Green roof tray

29th April 2015: Beautiful Weather

Beautiful weather and finally the rain downpour which is so great for the Sedum and the garden! Matty and Piot with the help of Gary have been preparing the S.Pods or modular Sedum Trays for a big order coming up, they have been flat out preparing everything. Matty has...

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2nd March 2015

Its amazing how quickly the Sedum jumps into life as soon as the weather warms a little. I saw Matty, our horticulturist today and he said over the weekend everything has suddenly come into life. It has been that much milder. However today we had snow first thing but...

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Sedum Grene Roof

27th Feb 2015

Just been up on the fields and its so wet up there. Here are all the S.Pods or modular trays just laid and starting to grow. They look rather sad in this weather but they will brighten up once Spring starts!

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Sedum Grene Roof Rainbow

26th Feb 2015

Amazing rainbow over the Sedum Fields at Lower Leigh Farm. I found this while searching for high res pictures for an article that is being written about us. Such a pain that whenever the installers are working and I need a picture they never have the right camera and...

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19th February 2015

An awful lot been happening over the past month. We seem to be busier than ever and certainly busier than is usual for the winter months! We are installing all over the country from the very north of Scotland to Cornwall and Essex. Richard and Jim have been doing...

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10th January 2015

Happy New year to everyone! Been quite mild but very windy down on the farm. Matty and his colleagues have been blown apart. Luckily we have been preparing for some very large orders we have, they have all been the S.Pods or Sedum trays or modules. We have been...

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Tuesday 8th January

In the meantime we seem to be still under water in most of the fields. Luckily the Sedum is fine and now we hopefully look forward to spring and renewed growth. We have been experimenting with lots of new colourful species and have lots of our new Spods ready...

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