Choosing the right quantity and type of Green Roof System that suits your project is daunting.  Below are some questions which we have tried to answer for you.  But if you can’t find an answer please just give the team a ring and they will help you decide on the best way forward for your Green Roof.

Sedum Green Roof can supply Premium modular trays (S-Pod),  We can guide you as to buying sedum and the right sedum for your Green Roof.

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Can I have a green roof on a pitched roof?
Are Green Roofs always just Green?
Can I put a green roof on an existing building?
Is it possible to use garden or compost soil on a green roof?
What about maintenance? What maintenance is involved in a green roof?
Do I need to water my green roof?
How long will a green roof last?
Should a roof be waterproofed prior to installing your green roof?
Is it possible to install my green roof myself?
What is the difference between a Sedum Mat and the S-Pod or modular Tray System?
How is my sedum Delivered?

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