Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right quantity and type of Green Roof System that suits your project is daunting.  Below are some questions which we have tried to answer for you.  But if you cant find and answer please just give the team a ring and she will help you decide on the best way forward for your Green Roof.

Sedum Green Roof can supply home grown sedum mats or blankets, wildlife flower mats or modular trays (S.Pod),the latter are much easier to lay as they do not need all the substrate and drainage layers a mat requires on a roof.  We can guide you as to buying sedum and the right sedum for your Green Roof. It may be that you require a sedum mat or blanket or many different sedum varieties.

Can I have a green roof on a pitched roof?

It is possible to put a Green Roof System on many types of pitched roofs.  If the pitch is quite steep we have to place batons and drainage supports etc. to stabilise the Sedum mats or blankets.  Sedum Green Roof can install all this for you, or simply advise you. Just give us a call and we can explain all the different options available. Sedum can be used as a sedum shed roof, sedum garage roof or many types of Green Roof. Our S.Pod or modular trays (sedum trays) are very easy to use and there is little sedum green roof maintenance. We can provide many sedum species on your green roof and provide services such as sedum green roof maintenance.

Are Green Roofs always just Green?

No, if you use Sedum then the plants come in a variety of shades from whites to yellow, from purples to blues, pinks and deep reds.  When the flowers are blooming there can be a dazzling array of colour.  Sedum Green Roof can supply colour schemes to suit your needs. The colours change according to the seasons and in winter beautiful hues of reds and browns as well as green can be seen, keeping your roof lush and colourful all year round.

Can I put a green roof on an existing building?

Yes of course! To put a Green Roof on an existing building it must firstly be checked to make sure it is load baring and can take the weight of the Sedum Green Roof System.  All roofs must be water tight.  Using our S.Pod modular tray system the roof does not require layers of substrate and drainage as it is incorporated into the Tray.  The team at Sedum Green Roof will advise you.  Most roofs are fine so don’t worry.

Is it possible to use garden or compost soil on a green roof?

Most definitely not.  Garden soil or compost is completely wrong as it is too heavy, gets too heavily saturated, can be infested with weeds and I could go on!  Sedum does not like too rich a soil so Sedum Green Roof, with the help of experienced horticulturists, have developed our own substrate which we can supply.  The substrate we supply is far lighter and is made up of mineral components with very little organic matter, all the soil comes sterilised. The substrate is designed to allow the exact water retention and drainage to fasciliate the perfect Green Roof.

What about maintenance? What maintenance is involved in a green roof?

Sedum is very hardy and requires little maintenance.  However some fertiliser thrown on the roof once or twice a year can help.  Sedum Green Roof can offer a maintenance package where we come and check over the roof once or twice a year.  If not we can advise you and tell you what to do but it really isn’t very much!

Do I need to water my green roof?

When the plants are trying to first establish it is a good idea to water a few times. However, after the first year there should be no need.  If it is a very hot and dry summer perhaps the odd spray with the hose, but on the whole just look after it when you have first laid your Green Roof and it should do well.

How long will a green roof last?

A well installed and maintained Green Roof will last a surprisingly long time.  As long as many tiled roofs, 30 – 40 years is quite likely and longer is not unusual.

Should a roof be waterproofed prior to installing your green roof?

Yes, all roofs should have a good waterproof base before installing a Green Roof.  Sedum Green Roof can supply all the substrate, drainage layer, up stands etc to make your Green Roof, or, you can use the S.Pods, the modular tray version which goes straight onto the waterproof layer of the roof.

Is it possible to install my green roof myself?

Yes, you can install a Green Roof yourself but with reservations.  If its a small job with easy access we can give you instructions as to how to achieve the best result.  If its a much bigger job we can still offer advice, but we can also install for you saving you all the hassle.  Things you have to be aware of is unloading, our Sedum often arrives on large lorries, access and facility to lift the mats, which can be very heavy.  The S.Pods or modular tray systems are much easier to lay.  We can advise you on everything and if you wish to do it all yourself we will give you all the necessary instructions and guide you all the way.

What is the difference between a Sedum Mat and the S.Pod or modular Tray System?

The S.Pod is a modular Tray system which Sedum Green Roof has developed here on our farm in Wiltshire.  The Sedum comes planted in the trays together with the substrate and the drainage layer.  You can place these straight onto a waterproof roof and they can be cut if necessary. The weight of these are 48kgs per m2. All the information can be found on the website but do phone us for more detailed advice and the area to be covered so that you do not buy too many.  The mats come rolled like turf but require the substrate and drainage layer to be laid onto the roof so there is more work requiredand weight 98 kgs per m2 so double the weight of the S-pods .  The mats can be cut and are good for difficult areas such as curves.  Sedum Green Roof can advise you on all the requirements.

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