Finally Some Rain

Finally some rain at last! Fields are looking fantastic. We have been watering but as soon as the rain comes down it just loves it!

Had some massive orders this week so its all hands down to get the stuff rolled and off. We spent this week putting down a concrete (I know not eco!) base for the lorry to turn on. We have tried all other means but the lorries get stuck in the heavy clay or destroy the ground beyond recognition. In the end we had to put a concrete base down but made it as small as possible so that they could back and turn when collecting. I have off set it by planting 100 trees in the other field.

The weather has cooled but still warm and no wind, which is great. All is looking good and even Matty is happy!

On the rest of the farm we had to move the chickens as they have decided all the new shoots by the pond/lake are yummy. Spent last night trying to catch them to put them in their new moved home. In the end we discovered that if we left a cardboard box out they all went in that and we just scooped them up, hilarious!!

Easter approaching and we plan to put a Sedum roof on Matty’s little hut by the fields. We plan to video it so it will go on the website once I have edited it! I have been trying to write new pages for the website but the new system is driving me mad. Spent all day yesterday trying to put a spelling mistake right and ended up loosing all the main front page….thanks George for helping me put it right! I need to go back and take a degree in computing!

Back to work now as its sunny and more Sedum to put down for the big project in September. Thanks to Jim and Juliet for manning the stand over the weekend. Love the pic Jim!! Do you think we should get you costumes for the future?!!

Elaine Carp, Director Sedum Green Roof

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