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Sedum Green Roof Installations Sedum Green Roof Installations 

Sedum Green Roof has its very own fully trained Green Roof Sedum installation including sedum mat installation installers along with a vast network of trained partners covering the entire UK.  At the design stage we can offer advice and practical solutions which can save time and money!

Sedum Mat Installation 

Preparing the roof for Sedum mats.

Sedum Green Roof will take care of all the arrangements associated with installing your green roof.  Our expert installers will lay the drainage layer, substrate and install any up-stands needed. Sedum Green Roof can offer a maintenance package if required. Our installers will visit the site and arrange with you the best, and most economic way to lay the living/green roof.  We can provide heavy lifting equipment if access is difficult and arrange all transport.   We can discuss with you if sedum plug installation is required for your Green roof installation System or a modular S.Pod installation is a better option.  Sedum plugs take longer to grow as they are fairly small when first planted. Sedum mat installation is another option but Sedum Green Roof can discuss all your sedum installation requirements and find the one that suits you best.  We also install large commercial areas.

Sedum Plug Installation

green_roof_sedum_mats and modular tray systems in full colour
Sedum Plugs ready to plant

Instead of a mat choose from our extensive range of 65 fully hardy plug plant varieties to create your custom designed roof. These can be planted in the design or colour preferences required.  Our installers will firstly lay the drainage layer, level the substrate to approximately 75 mm ready for planting.  Zone blocking or randomly selecting species can make individual designs.  Our installers will guide you as to the species suited for your site.

Hydroplanting and Seeding Installations

On large roofs or areas, our installers are fully equipped to carry out hydroplanting. This involves scattering a mix of our own British grown Sedum cuttings from our farm in Wiltshire, with an added special seed mix. This covers the substrate followed by biodegradable mulch applied by a hydromulch, which we supply. This method of hydromulching holds the seeds and cuttings in place and helps in the germination process. We can also provide seeds for wild flower roofs or gardens.

S.Pod. New Sedum module/Sedum Tray Installations.

New S.Pod/Sedum Green Tray ready to lay
New S.Pod/Sedum Green Tray ready to lay.

The Sedum Module or S.Pod Sedum Tray involves the Sedum grown in the S.Pod/Tray which can then be placed straight onto the waterproofed roof.  Up-stands may still be necessary. For more information on our new Modular Green Sedum Tray system click here. The modular S.Pod installation is quick and easy and offers an instant Sedum Green Roof.

Wild Flowers and Biodiverse Roofs

As well as Sedum we can provide a Wild Flower Mat/seeds or a Biodiverse roof for your ideal answer to a living roof.  For further advice please contact us on any of the numbers below.  Sometimes we are in the fields so leave a message and we will get straight back to you.

Maintenance packages

As part of our installation programs we also offer maintenance packages to suit every budget. No roof is either too large or too small.  However if your roof has been layed, DIY or by a contractor we can still offer a maintance package.  For further information see the Maintenance page.

The varieties of species that Sedum Green Roof grow on our farm in Wiltshire are grown into metre wide mats, rolled and ready to lay on the roof, or in the form of plug plants which can be bought by the tray and planted direct into the substrate. See our price page for more information on prices. We offer Sedum installation both sedum mat installation and modular S.Pod installation, we can also offer sedum plug installation on a smaller scale. For quick and instant easy installation for the DIY enthusiast the S.Pod or sedum tray works very well.

Sedum plug plants are very strong and adaptable, once planted out on the mats they bond to form a thick blanket of sedum that can be rolled like grass turf.

There are many types of green roof such as Extensive and Intensive.  There are also biodiverse, brown and blue etc.  You will need to decide on the type of roof you require and then pending whether it is a retro fit or new build what is right for your roof.

For any further information regarding Installation please do not hesitate to contact us.  Sometimes we are on the fields so please do just leave a message and we will get straight back to you.

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