Sedum Green Roof Installations

Sedum Green Roof is able to support customers from the design stage right through to the yearly maintenance…

The S-pod sedum Trays are designed to be super simple to install yourself but we are happy to give advice and guidance to builders , handy men or roofers.

We are always happy to give advice on the phone to our customers but we have this handy simple guide to download now Sedum Maintenance Guide

Sedum Green Roof Installation Services

The Premium S-Pod Sedum Module/Sedum Tray Installations.

The Sedum Module or S-Pod Sedum Tray involves the Sedum grown in the S-Pod/Tray which can then be placed straight onto the waterproofed roof.  Up-stands may still be necessary. For more information on our new Modular Green Sedum Tray system click here. The modular S-Pod installation is quick and easy and offers an instant Sedum Green Roof.

Wild Flower Mat

As well as Sedum we can provide a Wild Flower Mat/seeds for your ideal answer to a living roof.  For further advice please contact us.

Hydroplanting and Seeding Installation

Sedum Green Roof will take care of all the arrangements associated with installing your green roof.  Our expert installers will lay the drainage layer, substrate and install any up-stands needed. Sedum Green Roof can offer a maintenance package if required. We can provide heavy lifting equipment if access is difficult and arrange all transport. We also have experienced Site managers that have experience in large commercial installations.