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bird On Sedum Green Roof FieldsWelcome to Lower Leigh Farm, Our sustainable farm in Wiltshire

…Plug plants ready for sale in the polytunnels. Preparing the seeds in the polytunnels and trays full of plugs ready to sell or plant out in the fields or on the roofs to make sedum roofs.

About Us

Sedum Green Roof mats grown in Wiltshire farmSedum Green Roof is a family run business based in Wiltshire.  We have our own sustainable farm where we grow many different varieties of sedum and can arrange delivery anywhere within the UK. Our Field manager (Mattie) is a highly qualified horticulturist, and expert in green roof systems. Our team can guide you as to the correct species/conditions for your specific Sedum green roof, wild flower, biodiverse or Sedum green wall.  

Our farm functions on a sustainable low carbon status and our blankets of home grown sedum for Green Roofs are grown chemical free. We can offer guidance on all types of environmentally friendly green roof systems and believe in sustainability within construction.  

At Lower Leigh we grow everything needed for your Green or Living roof. We have a vast variety of Sedum plants and we have over seven species growing on our Sedum  We have many plug plants which we can also sell instead of Sedum

Charlie and Blue the peacocks helping out on the Sedum Fields at Lower Leigh Farm

The farm itself has a conservation area where we encourage as many types of wildlife as we can.  Last year we had several successful nests of Little Owls and Kestrels.  At the moment we have a barn owl and a Goshawk flying around as well as many other species of birds including our resident f.

Our resident Peacock

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