Monday 23rd April

Last week was very busy with many of our big clients coming down to see us. Weather was not great but we managed. All good news for us and we seem to be doing pretty well with orders. Sedum coming on well but the weather can’t make up its mind whether to be dry or wet! Still, mustn’t complain about the wet we really needed it!

Been working on the website again this week. Still trying to get to grip with everything. Desperate for some better pictures of our sites. I will have to spend a day going out and photographing them on a sunny day.

Our friends Ascot Timber Buildings are going to Badminton to exhibit and they are taking some of our mats. We are going to work together to supply the shed and the Sedum mat as a package deal. Should work really well so quite excited about that. If you go look out for us!

We had hoped to lay out another section of mats today but the weather has rained everyone off so we are plug planting instead in the polytunnels. We are experimenting with yet more species to add to the mats. Its really interesting to make colours and patterns with the different species. Trying out perennial mats and wild flowers as well this year.

This week plan to try and find out all the species of birds and insects that like Sedum and write a page on the website about it. We recently had a client who wanted Sedum for his butterflies, evidently they love it!

Well, off to do the farm chores now.

Elaine Carp, Director Sedum Green Roof

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