Moss on a Sedum Green Roof – Spring Maintenance

Living roof

Moss on a Sedum Green Roof – Spring Maintenance

Mos and sedum
Close up of moss and sedum

You may have realised that we have just had one of the wettest for 6 months in the last decade will almost constant rain until this month. We have seriously struggled here at the farm in Wiltshire due to the fact we are in a clay soil area!

This is not good for Sedum! but it is excellent for MOSS.

We have already had a number of emails and calls about moss problems and general maintenance so we thought we would address it here!

Here is our S-pod Sedum Green roof here at the farm and 2 months ago we had no moss at all now 70% of the roof is covered.

Living roof Moss sedum roof

Moss covered green roof

So how do we treat it?

Firstly we need to wait until we are fully in spring and the last frost has been so approx Early April to May. We will then get up there and remove by hand as much of the moss and weeds as we can, we will then apply a moss digester and fertiliser product called Mo-Bacter  (click on the link to buy) and leave to work. being mindful that any weeds present will also have been fertilised so a month later return to remove. this will ensure the spring maintenance is a good one using the correct product and removing the moss that will if left eventually smother the sedum.

For full Maintenance guide please click here 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us some photos of your roof and Liv can help you further.

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