Lower Leigh Farm

New Year, New Website

20th January 2018

New website now up and running which is great excitement.  Thanks to the wonderful Shalini who has been helping us get it up and running.  Now, hopefully you will get more blogs and updates.

Lower Leigh Farm
Lovely view from the window at Lower Leigh Farm

I can just see the beginnings of my bulbs coming up which is a sure sign that Spring won’t be too far away I hope.  Been really wet and cold here.  Unfortunately the farm is based on clay so the fields are very sodden.  Not ideal for dog walking!

We lost our lovely old labrador Bob before Christmas.  He was just under 18 years old which is a pretty good innings.  We do still have our lovely Bruce here though and he is the same age and doing well.

Bob and Bruce
Picture of Bob and Bruce painted by myself

Above is a recent painting I did of the two dogs.  Bob, who passed away is on the left.  Bruce is still very much alive and active.  He suffers from terrible arthritis but is under medication.  They have had a wonderful life on the farm and spend lots of time up on the Sedum Fields with our main man Matti.

Once the rain has stopped I will start taking fresh photos and publish them.

In the meantime a very Happy New Year to everyone.


Elaine Heseltine Carp, Director at Sedum Green Roof



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