Our new look! and its more than just a Logo

Sedum green roof Logo

Our new look! and its more than just a Logo

We have a new look that brings a modern simple and fresh look, however its not just a logo!

Toby and Liv have been working really hard to make the company even greener and keep our core values in mind.

We are a small family-run business nestled in the rolling countryside of Wiltshire in an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty called the Cranbourne chase. 

Being surrounded by nature and rolling pastures, we can see first hand the profound risks posed by climate change to our environment. So we’ve put it at the heart of our business. 

We ensure all our products are sustainable and recyclable while minimising waste in all our products. 

We are proud to source all our products from British suppliers with the solitary exception of the recycled trays, which are made in Europe.

100% of our products are recycled, even down to the pallet strapping!

We have 12 years experience growing sedum and this has helped us fine tune our sedum mix to ensure native sedums are incorporated and invasive species are not used, no matter now commercially attractive. 

We ensure investing in a green roof will maximise the benefits  for our customers, which include saving on energy costs, mitigating flood risk, enabling biodiversity by providing habitat, tackling air pollution and mitigating against the effects of urban heat islands.

We are committed to improving and being greener year on year. After all, there’s too much at stake not to.

Sedum green roof Logo

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