Roof pack using Sedum Mats or Sedum plug plants.

Sedum Mat on a summerhouse roofRoof packs include all three layers, substrate, drainage layer, and sedum mat or plug plants. Delivery offered within the mainland UK only. Please allow 3 – 5 days. Next Day delivery is available, please contact us for further information. For plug plants the normal is 28 plants per sq metre. For other roof sizes or any other advice please contact us. All Prices exclude VAT which must be added to the final price. Ideal for green roof sheds.


Shed Roof Pack using Sedum Mats

£250.00 per 5 sq m.
£335.00 per 7 sq m.
£460.00 per 10 sq m.
P code: SGRSSM


Shed Roof Pack using S.Pod

£385.00 per 5 sq m.
£511.00 per 7 sq m.
£690.00 per 10 sq m.
P code: SGRSPO

Plug Plants

Sold in trays of 84 plants mixed or single species.£33.60 per tray 40 p/plug  
P code: SGRS

  Sedum_modular or S.Pod Tray ready for Green Roof

S.PODS / Sedum Green Trays 

4.4 modules per sqm, no substrate or drainage layer required. Each module is 460mm x 490mm x 75mm
£65.00 per sq m.
P code: SGRSP

Sedum Mats

£23.00  0 – 49 sq m.£21.00
50 – 100 sq m. ££19.00
100+ sq m  Please contact us for larger amounts
P code: SGRSM

Substrate for Sedum Mat

50 mm depth £8.75 per sq m.
P code: SGRSE50

Substrate for Wild Flower Mix

150 mm depth, 
£20.00 per sq m.
P code: SGRSW150

Substrate for biodiverse roof

200 mm depth, 
£22.00 per sq m.  
P code: SGRB200

Drainage Layer

12 mm for shed/roof systems.
No longer in stock               
P code: SGRDR12

Drainage Layer

20 mm profile for sedum mats, wild flower and biodiverse roofs.       
£9.75 per sq m.
P code: SGRDR20

Aluminium Trim

Corners and joiners, (corner shown here).
£3.00 each
P code: SGRT150

Aluminium Trim

75 mm profile for sedum roof. Sold in 2.4 metre lengths. £26.00 per 2.4 m.
P code: SGRT75


£4.50 per 25kg bag
P code: SGRPB2/4  

Biodiverse Mat

not available
P code: SGRBDO

Wild Flower roof Mats

0-30 sq m = £21.00 per sq m
31-250 sq m = £19.00 per sq m
For more than 250 sq m please ring for a quote.
P code: SGRWM

Root Barrier

£61.00 per roll.  Roll is 100 sq metres and 1200 gauge.

Sedum Green roof offer maintenance and Installation packages if required. Please contact us for further information.

Maintenance Packages

Once your Green roof has been laid some initial maintenance maybe necessary.  Sedum Green Roof offer a maintenance package which involves the removal of unwanted plant material, ie grasses on a regular basis; replacement of any localised plant systems post installation. Replacement of any naturally failed plants not exceeding 5% of total plants installed. Application of nutrients if required. Dead heading after blooming if required. Inspection of rainwater outlet chambers and surrounding vegetation breaks. Replenishment of any areas of settled substrate. Sedum Green Roof recommends a maintenance package and this can be tailored to suit your needs.  Costs will vary according to size and access etc. so please contact us for further details.

Sedum Green Roof Installations  

Sedum Mat Installations Sedum Green Roof has a team of fully trained Green and Living Roof installers with a vast network of trained partners covering the entire UK. We can lay and install the aluminium roof trim, pebbles and the modular S.Pods as well as help to organise your sedum roof.  We can provide the substrate and deliver for your Sedum Green Roof.
Several installation packages are available and nothing is too large or too small.  Prices will vary according to access and size. For a free quote contact us on the numbers below, or email us with your enquiry.

Sedum Mat Installations 

Sedum Mat Installations
Sedum rolled and ready to lay

Sedum Green Roof will take care of the installation of your entire Green Roof. The installers will lay the drainage layer, substrate and install any up-stands,such as the aluminium roof trim required.  Our installers offer a free first visit to the site and arrange with you the best, and most cost effective method way of installing your green roof.  We can also provide heavy lifting equipment if access is difficult, and arrange all transport.

Sedum Plug Installations 

Sedum Plug Installations Instead of using a mat choose from our extensive range of fully hardy plug plant varieties to create your custom designed roof.  By using this method distinct designs can be achieved, for example, block colour schemes or even logos using different colour/species of Sedum plants.  Our Sedum Roof installers will firstly lay incorporating the aluminium roof trim,  the drainage layer, level the substrate to approximately 75mm ready for planting. Sedum Green Roof will also supply and lay the pebbles if required.  We can offer a complete guide as to the species suitable and once again offer a free first visit in order to work out in detail your requirements.  We can also tailor make the new Modular S.Pod for you. Please do contact us on the numbers below or email us with details of your requirements.

Hydroplanting Installations  

Hydroplanting Installations On large roofs or areas our installers are equipped to use the method of hydroplanting.  This involves scattering a mix of our own Sedum cuttings grown on our farm in Wiltshire.  This covers the previously laid substrate laid by our installers and then a biodegradable mulch is applied using a hydromulch machine, which we supply.  The hydromulching will hold the cuttings in place and helps in the germination process.

S.POD/Sedum Green Tray Modular Installations

S.POD/Sedum Green Tray Modular InstallationsThe Sedum Module or S.POD / tray involves the sedum being grown in pods/trays which can be placed straight onto the waterproofed roof requiring no substrate or drainage layer.  UP-stands may be necessary depending on the location and suitability of the site.  This is a very simple and quick method.  For more information on the modular system click here.  We can offer a DIY system or our installers can install the pods.  Just contact us for more information on the numbers below or email your requirements.

Wild Flower and Biodiverse Roofs

Wild Flower and Biodiverse Roofs and Green WallsAs well as Sedum we can provide installation for Wild Flower mat/seed or Biodiverse roofs. The Biodiverse roof requires some planning in order to optimise the appearance.  We suggest a first free visit to discuss your needs and we will guide you as to the best plants and materials to use.  The Biodiverse roof can be extremely attractive when mature and will attract many species of insects and birds being very beneficial to the environment.

If you have a difficult planning application using Green or Living Roofs may help with your application.  Do contact us for further information on the numbers below or email us.

Go to the Contact us: page or Ring Farm office: 01747 830176 Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm. or email:

Please note sometimes we are on the fields and cannot answer the phone. If you leave a message we will respond as soon as we get back. We will get back to you!!

Soon we will have our online shop but in the meantime please contact us on the numbers above at any time. We can assist with exact quantities of plants and materials and discuss installation and maintenance if required.

Find out about our new Modular system the S.Pod (Sedum Trays).

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