Premium Sedum Green Trays - S-pod Module system


£65.00 per m2 Excluding VAT / delivery
What is a Green Roof?
4.4 modules per sqm

No extra substrate or drainage layer required and all in one product.

Saturated weight only 55kgs per m2

Compliant with Fire regs

Each module is 460mm x 490mm x 75mm

quick and easy to self install

Delivery 10m2 per pallet EXC VAT

Aluminium Trim / EdgeGuard 75mm

High-Quality & Durable

£45.00 per length (2.4m) Exc VAT
75 mm profile EdgeGuard perfect for the tray retention on a roof without existing edge/ upstand

Sold in 2.4 metre lengths.

delivery Set fee £20 plus VAT

DPD next day delivery

Miracle-Gro Growmore Granules 1.5kgs
£8.50 per 1.5 kg
Sedum Fertiliser

Miracle-Gro Growmore Granules 1.5 kgs

Miracle-Gro’s growmore granules is a low-medium nutrient, well balanced soil that’s an ideal top dressing to add to your green roof for a few reasons:

  • Balanced 7 – 7 – 7 NPK ratio (a little heavy on the phosphorus but that’s ok)
  • Lightweight and easily spreadable (no water solubility required)
  • Promotes strong root growth, so it should increase stability without the plants getting too leggy

Postage via Royal Mail 2nd class

Brown Roof Modules

Trays plus recycled substrate only

£35.00 per m2 exc VAT
Brown roof
Brown Roof trays are available on request.

Recent research and experience has shown that commercial crushed brick or other porous substrates help to ensure quality with known water storage capacity. Therefore, this type of roof will need higher organic content to ensure that the wildflower plugs or seeds to be specified can flourish. In light of this, extensive green roof substrates have about 20% organic material. This is in keeping with the Green Roof Code

Our Modular tray system filled with only 2 layers

  • Leca Clay granules (drainage layer)
  • Recycled Substrate mix 20% organic material

washed round smooth

£10 per bag
Sedum Green Roof
  • 25kg bag

Per pallet

£80.00 per pallet exc VAT (per 10m2)
Main land UK only please call or email for a delivery quote.

Kerbside delivery only

The Trays comes stacked on a pallet with 10m2 on one pallet.

Next day delivery as it is a live product and must be unstacked on day of delivery

We cannot ship in snow or very hot weather over 29 degree otherwise the product dies.

Wild Flower Substrate

150mm Depth

£20.00 per sq m2 Exc VAT and delivery
Sedum Green Roof
Wildflower substrate must be 100 -150 mm deep to sustain a wildflower roof

6 bags per m2

Price excludes VAT and Delivery

Wild Flower roof Mat

Requires Drainage and Substrate layers

£24.00 per sq m2 Excluding VAT / Delivery
Sedum Green Roof
Weight 200kgs per m2

200mm deep

3 layers required for a roof – Drainage layer 50mm  , 100 – 150 mm substrate the Turf

price excluded Delivery and VAT

Call or email for a quote