Terms and Conditions of Sale

Sedum Green Roof Terms and Condition of Sale 

Please see the current terms and conditions as published Jan 2018

Terms, Conditions and Maintenance v1.2

We are Sedum Green Roof Ltd,
Lower Leigh Farm, Tokes Lane, East Knoyle, Wiltshire, SP3 6BZ
01747 830176

Payment: Debit and credit cards accepted (No American express accepted)
Bank Transfers are also accepted
Bank Details are on your invoice at request.

Your VAT invoice will be sent once payment is received.
A. Delivery charges are fixed for 30 days from the date of this quotation and / or confirmation of order.
B. For confirmation of orders outside this 30 days period please confirm delivery dates with our main office.
C. From the date of this quotation component rates are fixed for 3 months.
D. This Quote is open for acceptance for 3 months.

We use a third party company to deliver and our Trim is sent direct from the supplier via courier due to length at an additional cost.
Requirements: Full delivery address, site contact name and telephone number. Please advise of any restrictions on access for the delivery lorry and any other special delivery requirements. The materials are heavy. Delivery is by pallet. Consideration should be given to offloading materials safely but quickly.
Delivery to kerb side only.
Delivery can normally be made within 7/10 working days of receipt of payment dependant on availability.
Please note: unloaded or standing time in excess of one hour will be charged at £45 per hour per vehicle. Please be aware that if the unloaded or standing time exceeds one hour, the unloaded vehicle may leave. In this event, all costs will be charged to the client. Sedum Green Roof will not be liable for these costs.
Sedum Green Roof cannot guarantee the performance of plants and other components supplied by Sedum Green Roof if installed by others.
Claims regarding damaged goods or non-delivery will not be accepted unless received within one day from despatch date and confirmed in writing via email, but please call the office for advise.
Notes: Materials will be delivered palletised
Sedum Mats must be unrolled on day of delivery. S-pods should also be unstacked on the day of delivery.

Sedum green roof Limited do not accept liability for any damage to property and structures due to loading weight if the product supplied, it is for you the customer to ensure the structure can take the loading weight of the product.
NB:1yr maintenance contracts are available through us, please ask our sales team for more information and costs.

In common with ground level planting green roofs require some maintenance to ensure that the original species selected establish and thrive.
This usually consists of two visits per year, one in the spring, second in the autumn. This will give you optimum satisfaction and reward for a good performing roof.
Typical procedures carried out during maintenance are as follows:
 Removal of unwanted plant material, i.e. grasses etc.
 Correction of any localised plant system problems that may have occurred post installation.
 Application of nutrients in spring.
 Removal of dead flower heads (if required).
 Inspection of rainwater outlet chambers and surrounding vegetation breaks in spring and autumn.
 Replenishment of any areas of settled substrate for an even level.
 At periods of long drought (Over 3 months) irrigation maybe needed.