RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

We were very lucky this year to be asked to supply sedum for not one but two projects at the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower show!

The first is the Silver medal winning garden designed by Annie Prebensen and Christina Williams, comes as The Donkey Sanctuary celebrates its 50th birthday in 2019. The garden, called The Donkey Sanctuary: Donkeys Matter, will depict the environments where donkeys work collecting water for whole communities. A donkey will often collect 40-60 litres of water at one time. The simple act of a donkey carrying water reduces the time required to access it, freeing children to get an education and women to be economically active. The full article is can be read here 

Our sedum was delivered to Annie back in April and was selected specially to use in the stone walls around the garden. they really look fantastic and like they have been there forever!

The Donkey Sanctuary: Donkeys Matter. Designed by:.Christina Williams and Annie Prebensen. Sponsored by: The.Donkey Sanctuary. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019. Stand.no. 564

The second was a Green roof for the Furniture maker Oxenwood (have a look re at their lovely website)  

Their stand is really being talked about and even had the legend Mary Berry visit! Our green roof was specially grown and delivered to Frogheath landscaping personally by Richard the Boss earlier this month Here you can just see it peeking through….

Now for our planning for RHS Hampton Court displays.

The RHS has also written a article about green roofs interesting quick read!


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