S-Pod Module

S.pod_sedum tray or modular system ready for a Green Roof


The S-Pod Module or Sedum Green Roof Tray

The new innovative way to create your green roof.  No horticultural knowledge is required as the S-Pod / sedum tray has been designed and grown allowing easy and efficient installation. Incorporating all three layers within a simple green roof module, the S-Pod /sedum tray provides an instant green roof.

The S-Pod modular or sedum tray System

Sedum_tray_diagram or S.Pod modular system ready for a Green RoofBenefits of the S-Pod/sedum green tray system

Lightweight – There are some key benefits of green roofs but especially when using the Modular System the S.Pod. Weighing in at just 48kg per m2 this is nearly half the weight of the traditional mat system. Reducing the weight in this manner can make large savings on the structural and foundation elements of your building.  With less weight the timber sizes can be reduced, and in some cases concrete needed for the strip foundations can also be reduced. Always check with us or your engineer first.  The S-Pod system also allows for easy installation on existing buildings.
Unique – Sedum Green Roof is the only producer of the S-Pod module/sedum tray in the uk to include a filter fleece in order to combat leaching into the drainage layer. Sedum Green Roof also uses a unique expanding clay to stop the reservoir chamber becoming stagnant during the winter months, keeping your green roof perfect all the year round.
Quick to install – When your S-Pod/sedum tray arrives it simply clicks together forming an instant green roof.  No mess or fuss!  Your builder or contractor can fit the S-Pod with no prior green roof experience.  Instructions are sent out at the time of delivery.
Inspection – If is ever required to inspect the roof, ie. a leak in the roof or just to gain access to your waterproof membrane, just lift up a module and then replace. The S-Pod does away with cutting through the different layers to gain access saving time and money.
Replacement of plants – From time to time certain plants may need to be replaced for one reason or another.  With the S-Pod a module can simply be replaced with another pre-grown pod if necessary or we can supply sedum plug plants.
Instant Green Roof

The S-Pod/sedum tray  modules click together both horizontally and vertically providing a firm and stable roof.  

The S-Pod can be placed on many types of roofs including pitch but please contact us for further information. The trays will knit together forming a complete blanket within weeks (during growing season!), you can walk on them as well. The lightweight and click together aspect is perfect for Green Roofs.

Water management

Easy to Install

An important feature of urban areas today is the large concrete/tarmac area which prevents drainage. By installing a green roof such as the simple S-Pod system/sedum tray this helps with retention of water, so preventing excessive run-off which can cause flooding.  This water can then be harnessed for irrigation at a later date with water butts etc. Green roofs and especially sedum roofs are ideal in areas prone to flash flooding.

Air and Water purification

A green roof system can impact the local environment providing air purification via the plants, substrate, and micro-organisms, helping absorb the harmful substances such as CO, Benzol and dust particles. Moreover, precipitation can bring pollutants, the green roof will help to filter the water and thus help with purification.

Habitat loss

Buildings and other infrastructures take up space.  This means habitat loss.  Green Roofs and especially sedum roofs can become an important replacement for the missing natural habitat both for fauna and flora.  Green roofs can act as temporary habitat but also as a replacement habitat for certain species.  Bees and butterflies are especially fond of Sedum as are certain species of birds. The  Sedum Green roof can contribute to the increase in various plant and insect/animal species thus increasing the biodiversity of the local environment.

A green roof will last longer than a regular roof.  Compared for example with a bitumen roof the life can be extended as much as twice.  

The presence of the green roof layer helps protect the roof against:

  • UV radiation… these materials breakdown by photochemical reactions but with a green roof this is absorbed by the vegetation.
  • Heating/freezing and temperature of the roof surface… the extremes and alternation of temperature create tensions in the roof and enter cracks or seams which eventually break.  This is especially the case in bitumen roofs. The presence of a green roof system really helps to prevent these problems.
  • Uneven heating of different roof coatings… this results in blistering and deformation of the seals.  A green roof helps to prevent this by equalising the heating throughout the roof and helps to provide a constant and stable temperature.
  • Mechanical damage… sometimes hail or wind can damage a roof, the green roof will help to prevent this acting as a buffer zone.

– Thermal insulation… A green roof will help to ensure moderate temperature regimes. Warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

– Sound insulation… the green roof allows for sound absorption. The overall effect of this is associated with the size and structure of the green roof.

– Visual Besides less extreme temperatures, higher humidity and cleaner air, Green Roofs also provide attractive roofs and a softer roof environment.  They are pretty to look at!!

Some maintenance may be necessary but see our page on Maintenance.

Sedum S.Pod or modular sedum Tray diagram for Green Roof

Everything in one easy tray module!  No need for a mat and all the hard work! The new S.Pod or sedum tray for your green roof system is much easier to lay, it is light, easy to manage, and needs no extra layers as does the sedum mats or sedum plug plant methods.  They are lightweight, clip together, and are grown in easy manageable trays. See the relevant pages on benefits of green roofs and green roof systems.

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