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Sedum Green Roof Benefits

What is a Green Roof?

Green Roof installation Recent worry about our carbon footprint and sustainability has seen interest grow in energy efficient and sustainable green roofs and living roofs.

Green roofs can provide important microclimates for insects, bird life and other even rare species. Basically, it is a living roof which is placed on a building instead of a conventional roof creating a bio-diverse eco roof.

A few benefits of a Green Roof:

  • Helping to control water in areas of flash flooding as it absorbs more water slowing the release of rainwater.
  • It can be used as a filtration method to capture water for use as brown water for flushing toilets etc.
  • Some research has been done to shown that a green roof such as a Sedum Roof can help with insulation during colder months and a cooling effect during hotter times.
  • benefits of green roof - insects and wildlifeOne of the most popular reasons for having a green roof is that it increases the biodiversity of wildlife including insects and birdlife.
  • Many feel a green roof is so much more attractive to look at than a conventional tiled roof.
  • A green roof will also filter pollutants like carbon dioxide in the air, lowering the carbon footprint.
  • It can increase the roof life considerably and could help increase the real estate value of your property.

At Sedum Green Roof we can supply different types of living roofs including Extensive, Intensive and semi intensive.

Components of Green RoofWe are happy to offer a range of service from simply helping you choose the correct plants to actually building/adapting your roof. On other pages on the site you can see how to make a green roof, the advantages of a green roof and DIY methods.

Our team of experienced and qualified staff will be happy to answer any questions you have, offer advise on the type of roof and quantities you need to order. Give us a call on 01747 830176. We are open 9 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday. Please do leave a message if you are calling after hours and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can email us.

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