The Premium S-pod System & Standard Mat Green Roof System

Sedum_flower on mats and S.Pods or modular trays ready for Green Roofs


Modular Sedum System the S.Pod/Sedum Tray

The Premium modular Sedum System the S.Pod or Sedum Tray

Sedum_Modular_System.S.Pod or tray ready for Green RoofSedum_Modular_System_S.Pod or sedum tray ready for a Green Roof

This new method of laying Sedum consists of a tray with all three layers built in (Drainage layer,Substrate and Sedum). These can be easily placed on the prepared roof on top of the waterproof layer.  They are much easier to install and are half the weight of the traditional Mat system (48kgs per m2 vs 98kgs per m2).

And Grown here on our farm in Wiltshire

They have on average 6-9 british hardy Sedum varieties

For more information go to Buying Sedum of Contact Sedum Green Roof.

Standard Sedum Mats

sedum_rolled_in_field ready for Green RoofsThe standard sedum mats are the more cost effective range and have 2-4 varieties of sedum, at 98kgs per m2 with the 3 layers (drainage,substrate, vegetation) makes it the heaviest of the two products. 

Roofing Requirements for Sedum Mats

Our mats can be used for roof coverage on any kind of structure from a hen house or garden shed to a vast hospital roof in the centre of a city.  A green roof provides a habitat for micro ecosystems, which, in turn, provide habitat for all types of wildlife. They can be placed on all forms of roofs from flat, to those with a considerable pitch.  For Green Roof Consultancy just contact Sedum Green Roof and speak to one of our team who will offer full advice and even come and visit your site.

Sedum Green Roof can offer you a step-by- step guide to installation, providing all the necessary components. We can also offer a complete installation service.

It doesn’t have to be on just on flat roofs. Sedum can be installed on difficult areas in the garden such as shaded areas to give a beautiful and colourful expanse of vegetation, or, on roundabouts and barren areas around office buildings providing all year round interest. Being drought tolerant and easy maintenance these plants will grow practically everywhere. Many are used in public gardens, on slopes, embankments etc.

On a roof, once the water proof membrane is down the drainage layer is laid which incorporates an integrated root barrier.  It is important to ensure there is enough rainwater outlets as the Sedum does not like to be waterlogged.  The drainage layer is there to irrigate the plants during dry spells and also retains up to 80% of rainfall releasing it slowly and thus reducing the effects of flash flooding or heavy rainfall by reducing the pressure on the drainage systems. The Sedum mat will also filter pollutants from the rainwater.

Wild flower Mats

(Photo credit (The Wildflower Turf Co)

Our wild flower mats will give a stunning show to any sustainable roofs.  All the flowers are native to Britain and are chosen to complement and not compete, thus a wonderful display of flowers can be seen from Spring to Autumn.  Wild flower mats are an important source of food for birds, and a wonderful habitat for butterflies and other insects.  The mats can be placed on roofs and require the same specifications as the Sedum roof.  However they can also be laid to make wonderful wild areas in a garden or park providing colour and interest from Spring to Autumn. An instant Green Solution for flat roofs, pitched roofs, walls, noise barriers, roundabouts, public gardens, slopes or embankments.  Small or large orders Sedum Green Roof will help.  

Flowers that emerge in the Spring will be dictated by the weather conditions, according to temperatures, moisture and available nutrients in the soil at any given time. This means that a constant change happens and each year different flowers will dominate giving a diverse and colourful surprise each year.

Wild Flower Mats ready for Green Roofs at Lower Leigh Farm

Sedum green Roof will also supply Vegetation mats or blankets with herbs, wildflowers, or ornamental grasses.  We can also provide shadow blankets or mats for difficult areas and different colours if desired, for example you can have an all white, pink or yellow mat/blanket or S.Pod/tray or module.  Just contact us and we will do everything to help you choose the right type of Green Solution you require.  The mats or blankets have 6-9 different species of Sedum and twenty to twenty five species of wildflowers.  The mats or blankets arrive with 95% coverage.  The Sedum plants are very adapt at storing water within their leaves and are thus extremely suited to a variety of weather conditions, this together with the range of flowering wild flowers will give a varied and colourful show. The biodiversity and sustainability of these roofs is of great advantage and offers an instant Green Solution. Please note that some design aspects will have to be grown from scratch so be prepared to wait!

Maintenance for Wild Flower Mats

Little maintenance is necessary.  No fertilising is necessary and no weeding. A cut in the Autumn is advised.  Sedum Green Roof will offer a maintenance package to maintain your new roof if required. 


Pending on the amount of roof coverage the load baring qualities should be tested and a sealed waterproof membrane placed on the roof. If the roof has weak areas then we can use these areas for biodiversity, i.e. placing shingle, wood and small plants so that the weight is evenly distributed and different pockets of wildlife diversity can thrive. In some cases it is even possible to place a small pond or water feature and allow another aspect of green biodiversity.

Benefits of Sedum/Wild Flower Mats and Modular Sedum Tray Systems

The benefits of Sedum roofs or wild flower roofs is enormous, from looking infinitely more attractive than an expanse of roofing felt, to helping in rainwater management, noise reduction, carbon sequestration, fire protection, air quality to name but a few.

Our premium Sedum Tray or modular system the S.Pod is now highly popular.  It is light weight and can be cut to shape and has no need of all the layers needed for the standard Sedum mats. and faster to install.  The trays are ideal for green roof requirements and can be placed on embankments, slopes as well as making a sustainable roof and providing an instant Green Solution as well as providing biodiversity with in an area.  The benefits of Sedum roofs are enormous and you can read about the benefits on other pages within our site.

Sedum Mats and Modular Sedum Green Tray Systems

Sedum Green Roof grows many different varieties of Sedum on our farm together fora current list please contact us.  If you require a certain colour scheme or would like a logo incorporated then we can grow the mats to order with the varieties and colours required.  This can take up to eight months for the mat to become mature enough to roll so make sure you think in advance.

We also grow our premium Modular Tray System which arrives fully grown in a special tray which has the substrate and drainage layer included.  These are all grown on our farm in Wiltshire.

The core species/varieties in our most popular mat and module Sedum Tray consist of:

Sedum album: A very tough little plant, with a think mat of stems and leaves. The flowers appear in white clusters shaped like stars with long stamens and red anthers.

Sedum spurium: A low mat forming evergreen with fleshy, scalloped purple leaves with flushed edges. Low clusters of deep pink star shaped flowers which bloom from late summer into autumn.

Sedum reflexum: A fast growing dense mat of succulent conifer blue foliage with brilliant yellow flowers.

Sedum acre: A low growing creeping succulent evergreen with leaves of different shades of green. In spring it bears yellow star shaped flowers.

Sedum anglicum: A small succulent with oval leaves swollen with water. The plant itself is often pink or red and the flowers white or pale pink.

Sedum kamtschaticum: A very tough drought tolerant species which has wonderful dark green leaves and half inch golden yellow flowers that open from pink buds usually during early summer.

Sedum hispanicum: A very low mat evergreen Sedum with tiny silver blue leaves.  Starry pink or white flowers which bloom in June.

These small but tolerant plants are well suited to the often harsh growing conditions they are often placed in. As well as roofs they are highly suited to areas needing low growing plants with little maintenance and are often used instead of grass. They can survive with very little water but we advise that in the first year they may need some extra watering during a dry period.  They will also tolerate snow and ice.

Sedum Green Roof supplies the Sedum mat in rolls which we can deliver nationwide (with exception to postcodes starting with IV, KW, PA, PH, AB & DD.  See Contacts and Prices. 

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