Species Grown

Species Grown at Sedum Green Roof

We have a variety of native species and are presently growing many more so we can tailor make for your sedum green roof requirements.  As we experiment we update all the time so just get in touch for further information about our green roof systems.

Below is a growing list of Sedum species we currently grow:

Species Grown

S.lydium S.kamtschaticum
S.album “athorum” S.oreganum
S.album S.sexangulare
S.album minima Spurium forms “broadleaf”
S.album “coral carpet” S.rupestre “silver”
S.anacamperos S.rupestre
S.hispanicum “glauca” S.hakonense
S.acre S.reflexum
S.acre “octoberfest” S.ellacobianum
S.floriferum S.pulchellum
S.fosterianum “oracle” S.spurium “Coccineum”
S.fosterianum “silver stone”  S.anglicum
S.hybridum “czars gold” S.spuruim “summer glory”
S.montanum S.spurium “voodoo”
 S.sieboldii “variegatum” S.spurium “dragons blood”

We can advise as to the correct species for your roof.  Some species can thrive in shady areas and some are more tolerant to others of certain environmental factors so contact us for advice. Sometimes certain colour schemes are desired or patterns such as logos etc.  These can all be supplied but customised planting may have to be ordered in advance.