Wednesday 12th September 2012

At last the Sedum in the fields is responding after the very wet summer. Our stocks are now improving but more importantly we now have our new S.Pods or modular systems. This is very new and cuts out much of the preparation on the roofs. Quick and easy to install and the plants grow much better with this system. It also cuts out on a lot of weeding for us in the fields! This last week all of us have been weeding the mats which we still have. Its been quite a social occasion and all the helpers were in good form. Just to cap it all we had a water leak in the field as well. Quite a major leak and it of course had to be in the Sedum field. The Fields are full of ancient drainage and every so often another leak is discovered. The worst thing is we don’t even know where half the drains are. We have even had a water diviner out to see if they can locate them!! All the fun of the farm!!

Meanwhile back at the farm house we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. The first load of furniture came back from storage and I am surrounded by packing boxes as I write. Together with this we still have our baby peacock, Charlie. He is growing bigger and bigger and I know have managed to keep him outside most of the day but he insists on coming in at night!! He sits on my lap its ridiculous. The dogs are terrified of him! Just heard that Jim has cut his head open on a window frame and is now in casualty! Probably best go and see if he is ok!

Elaine Director Sedum Green Roof

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