Wednesday 2nd May

Been a busy bank holiday but weather had been terrible. Fields are very water logged and we haven’t really been able to get out there. On the other side of things the rain has helped the Sedum which is coming on beautifully. Just hope in the next week or so it dries up enough to get the tractor onto the fields.

The dandelion seeds have been unbelievable dancing about in the wind. Really irritating though. Trouble is there was millions floating around over the Sedum. I just hope they blow away! Obviously a good year for the dandelion!

Matty has been preparing new species for our mats and we have some new and exciting products up our sleeve which will be coming out soon. We have been doing very well with our shed offer and plan to have a page for selling soon so watch this space!

This year we have our biggest acreage yet and all doing well. Just would like a little dryer weather in order to be able to roll the mats up without being knee deep in mud. All worth it in the end as we have had some wonderful feed back from our clients.

Meanwhile back on the farm things have been busy. Our poor cat of 20 years died this week. She had gone a bit loopy but it was still sad. She looked pretty right up to the last minute! The swallows and house martins are back big time this year. Little later than normal but back non the least. Have put up nest cups for them under the eaves but they are busy already preparing their nests. Juliet and I found an amazing nest, we think hedge sparrow, on top of some cans of paint in the garage. There were five beautiful little faces looking up at us (yes it was quite low!). They all fledged over the weekend which was a relief really as I wanted to clear the garage out.

That’s all for now as today is busy as the sun is coming out!!!

Elaine Carp, Director Sedum Green Roof.

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