Why Do I Want A Green Roof

Why Do I Want a Green Roof?

Apart from how attractive a green roof can look especially as the seasons change, there are other reasons why Green Roofs are becoming so popular:

  1. The Green Roof environmental benefits include benefits for wildlife, the carbon footprint, sustainability etc.
  2. Building performance enhancements.
  3. The financial incentives and financial benefits of green roofs can be substantial.
  4. Planning requirements. Some applications require a green roof.
green roof

What Exactly is a Green Roof?

This is a roof which has been designed to support plant life in some form.  There are several different types of green roofs ranging from Extensive, intensive or biodiverse.  Extensive is mainly what Sedum Green Roof supply which is mainly Sedum varieties, these are succulants and are highly adapted to the UK climate and need little or no maintenance.  Intensive tends to be the grasses often used for recreational amenities.  Biodiverse is where small pockets of different microclimates are made, for example a small pond on a large buildings roof, logs and stones for other habitats.

Are Green Roofs a Planning Requirement?

Recently many councils in the Uk are now stipulating that a percentage of a planning consent must have a green roof.  The councils feel it helps with sustainable drainage in built up areas, makes the air cleaner and attacts wildlife. Often planning consents are easier to pass if there is some sort of green element to the building. The environmental benefits can be substantial.

What do I have to do to my roof to make it possible to have a green roof?

You cannot put a green roof on tiles but once the tiles are removed and a waterproof membrane put down then a green roof can be put on either flat roofs or a pitch.  You will need to get advice from our team as to what is suitable for your roof.  Just get in contact, advice is free!! The roof will be as strong if not stronger than conventional roofs so there will be no problems. In fact green roofs an significantly extend the life span of the waterproofing beneath. Don’t just think of a normal house either, wendy houses, stables, bird houses, chicken coups and your shed!

Can Solar Panels be used on a Green Roof?

Absolutely.  The cooling affect of the green roofs can actually improve the efficiency of the panels.

Do They Work?

Yes. This type of roof has been round for more than 50 years and are very popular in Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands.

For all the above reasons Green Roofs have become very popular in recent years. In urban environments it will attract the birds and butterflies back and provide cleaner air offsetting our carbon footprint and helping with combating Global Warming.  If all of us helped by just giving our sheds a make over it would make a big difference.